Yummy Coleslaw Recipe

I’m a big fan of coleslaw, but I’m not a fan of all the yucky, toxic oils in most mayonnaises! When I discovered Primal Kitchen mayo I was freaking stoked. The ingredients are: avocado oil, organic eggs and yolks, organic vinegar, sea salt, organic rosemary extract. BOOM! This recipe is targeted for less toxic loadContinue reading “Yummy Coleslaw Recipe”

Honey Puffed Pancakes Recipe

I’m on a blood sugar support journey presently. It’s been almost 3 weeks since I’ve made small changes to my diet to help my energy levels, brain function through supporting and stabilizing my blood sugar. (And it’s helping!) #FOODISMEDICINE I’ve been playing around with recipes and have been focusing on adding more protein to eachContinue reading “Honey Puffed Pancakes Recipe”

Best Morning Drink Ever!

I’ve been making this drink almost daily for months now, and I have been loving it!!! It’s extremely healthy + body supportive and gives me SO MUCH SUSTAINED ENERGY FOR HOURS (not like in a high caffeine kinda way). I love this recipe too, because it is a healthier alternative to coffee and for thoseContinue reading “Best Morning Drink Ever!”

Nutrition for Happy, Glowing Skin!

Here are key supplements I recommend for acne and skin health as part of my instagram series, ‘Skin Talk’, part 2. All information, with my personal use+experience, and links to all supplements are below! Not only what we put on our skin affects us, but also what we put inside of us. Nutrition is key! Nutrition isContinue reading “Nutrition for Happy, Glowing Skin!”