What is BodyTalk?

The BodyTalk system is an energy therapy that is consciousness/holistic based and addresses the “whole” person. This refers to that no part of the human psyche can be overlooked, be it physical, mental, emotional or environmental. BodyTalk promotes, supports and restores a persons, animals, and plants wellbeing.

To learn via my BodyTalk intro video CLICK HERE.

How does BodyTalk work?

Like an onion, we have layers of things that has blocked energy within specific parts of our bodymind complex that is effecting the whole health of the “onion” (person). Each part of that onion influences other layers (energies) throughout and can help direct to the core (underlining issue) – which could be the actual reason why we have such and such disease or health issue, etc. Our bodies have sub-conscious needs/priorities that are ready to be addressed, in an order that is most effective for our “whole” to balance and restore harmony. As a practitioner, I intuitively connect to information that is available by the client’s innate wisdom to discover the priorities for each session. I use several non-invasive techniques, to process physical, emotional, environmental energy blocks, and assist in refocusing the body’s natural healing response and establish a positive communication within it.

What is a BodyTalk session like?

It begins with the client laying or sitting on my massage table. I muscle check (test) to ask if BodyTalk is a priority and if I have permission to work on that client. If it’s a yes for both, I proceed the session by intuitively connecting with the client’s innate wisdom in silence. As I am zoned in and connected, I use the BodyTalk chart to find the client’s priorities and my heightened intuition. Once I have a priority and all the components of it, I then do the appropriate tap out, which will always include me tapping the head (brain facilitates the energetic change) and heart (to store the change) of my client. An example priority and it’s components (it’s like a story):

Priority: Liver organ
Details: defined by client’s Anger towards spouse not showing love to them, because they don’t make time for them, and avoid them.
Link 1: Circulation within the heart organ
Link 2: Belief system established as a child – their perception of relationships from the example of their parents relationship. Associated with dad being gone a lot, and when he was home, he was checked out.

By balancing a priority like this, it removes blockages, and restores connection, so all parts associated can work effectively and increase balance and peace in the body and mind. Also, the belief system is usually fully processed and released during the tap out.

Can BodyTalk help me?

Why do we need BodyTalk?

 Can you treat my disease/injury/etc through BodyTalk?

I can not claim that I treat or cure diseases. BodyTalk simply removes and balances energy blockages and restores connection. This in turn can increase the health and wellbeing of an individual.

Can Bodytalk be done on my pet?

Yes! The BodyTalk system is effective for animals. I have worked on dogs, goats, and horses and have seen a physical and emotional difference in them!

Holistic Nutrition

Do you create meal plans? 

We do not. We focus more on educating, guiding and empowering my client to create intuitive meals.

Lymphatic Balancing

Am I dressed for a session?

No, you are undressed and draped as you are in massage. The session is more effective if the client is unclothed.

Massage Therapy
BHB Deodorant

Are the ingredients all natural?


What are the ingredients?

  • Jojoba Oil – pesticide free
  • Baking Soda – aluminum free
  • Arrowroot
  • Raw Shea Butter – organic
  • Beeswax – organic
  • 12 strain Probiotics 

How long does this deodorant take to work?

It can take up to 4 weeks, sometimes longer. We have found that our deodorant works relatively quickly (within a days) on most, but not on everyone! If you are more toxic internally, it can take longer to balance to a natural deodorant.