BodyTalk Therapy

BodyTalk helps synchronize the body’s natural functions – to achieve and maintain healing and growth on all levels: physical, emotional, mental, etc. It is intended to enhance relaxation, increase communication within the areas of the body, and to balance energetic or emotional blocks that may create pain and disease.

Fascia Restoration Therapy

Fascia is a multi-directional, web-like tissue that attaches underneath the skin and is literally everywhere in the body. Fascia can become unhealthy, which may manifest in chronic pain, cellulite, headaches, disease, etc. Fascia blasting is a very effective method for restoring fascial tissue and improving whole body blood, lymph and nerve circulation.

Holistic Nutrition Therapy

Addresses the client’s intention(s) to optimize mental, emotional and physical health through an intuitive list of foods that is enjoyed by the client, suggested supplements, and other intuitive tools.

Ionic Detox Therapy

Used to cleanse toxins, balance pH, assist in recovery from injuries/surgeries, pain management/inflammation, increase oxygen and cell energy levels, enhance the body’s ability to heal and rebalance on its own. 

Lymphatic Drainage Therapy

This is a light touch modality that activates lymph nodes to increase effective filtration and encourage lymph fluid to flow consistently to decrease toxins + metabolic wastes throughout the body.

Massage Therapy

A blend of a compassionate, intentional, and meditative approach through the integration of intuition and the application of various modalities to transport the whole person into a state of wellbeing.