“Utilizing BodyTalk and Courtney’s expertise has been an amazing experience! For me, personally, this has helped my health tremendously, the most notable of which was having my IBS, diagnosed over a decade ago, vanish during my first couple sessions.”




“Courtney is a discerning and gifted practitioner. She helped resolve my concerns on a physical, and emotional level. In our session, I was able to shift my beliefs and to move forward in my life.”





“Courtney is amazing at what she does. She has helped me and my family recover from illness countless times! Highly recommended.”




“Courtney is fantastic! I felt so relaxed during the whole session and felt much better by the end- like a weight had been lifted off my body. I felt light and happy. Courtney is so knowledgeable about the health and wellbeing of the body. She incorporates emotional and spiritual aspects that can effect your physical health and helps restore balance to the body! I would recommend her to anyone!”





“I am grateful for BodyTalk and how it has helped my family on our journey towards health. It has helped us with some missing puzzle pieces that we were missing with traditional medicine. I love that the focus is on the whole body and how everything interacts together. Courtney is great with children and my girls love coming to see her!”


Alina age 8 “I like BodyTalk because it is quiet, fun, and my body likes it!”