Why Using Non-Toxic Deodorant Matters

Did you know there are ONLY 11 chemicals that have been banned or restricted in cosmetics by the FDA since 1938 when the Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act was signed? That’s almost 85 years ago. That is TERRIFYING. There are over 12,500 chemicals in various cosmetic products in the US, including deodorants. They’re approved byContinue reading “Why Using Non-Toxic Deodorant Matters”

My Skin Transformation

The last decade has felt like a “trial and error” skin journey! My skin has been SUCH a long, frustrating, emotionally draining battle. I had minimal breakouts as a teenager, but when I was 22 my skin went CRAZY with persistent and aggressive cystic acne breakouts on and off till the beginning of my 32ndContinue reading “My Skin Transformation”

My Top 5 Allergy Support Products!

Allergies symptoms are no fun, and there are powerful ways to support your body to help eliminate these symptoms. Note – your digestive health has a profound affect on the entire health of the body, especially your immune response to pollen! 4 things I suggest to support your body and digestive system: Include live foods:Continue reading “My Top 5 Allergy Support Products!”

Magic Tip for Your Cracked Feet!

I’ve had a bad case of cracked, bleeding heels for a few years. I have found a trick that has been working for me for the last 6 months! If you experience the same, these 2 easy steps will change your life! 👣👏🏻🌟 ⁃ Do this 1x weekly – Twinkle shaver – use it inContinue reading “Magic Tip for Your Cracked Feet!”

My Everyday Natural Products!

Products we use for our skin, cleaning, etc. has thousands of chemicals that are endocrine disruptors, influences the function of our bodies detox system and brain, digestive system and more! Switching over to natural products can do a world of difference for your mental, emotional and physical health! I have definitely seen and felt aContinue reading “My Everyday Natural Products!”

Nutrition for Happy, Glowing Skin!

Here are key supplements I recommend for acne and skin health as part of my instagram series, ‘Skin Talk’, part 2. All information, with my personal use+experience, and links to all supplements are below! Not only what we put on our skin affects us, but also what we put inside of us. Nutrition is key! Nutrition isContinue reading “Nutrition for Happy, Glowing Skin!”

My Menstrual Cup Story

For you ladies this post is for you, and for you guys who have special ladies in your life, that you really care about, you’ll want them to read! Today, I am talking about something that has changed and made my life SO incredibly easier and better!!! MENSTRUAL CUPS and my story with them. Woot!Continue reading “My Menstrual Cup Story”

My Go-To Essential Oils

Ever since I was a little girl, I have been exposed to essential oils. My mom gravitated towards them, as me and my siblings were constantly sick and medications never seemed to be always effective. I absolutely love these small, but powerful bottle of herbs, because of the nostalgia and how it’s made my physical,Continue reading “My Go-To Essential Oils”

Apple Cider Vinegar, Liquid Gold

I am so thrilled to share with you, one of my very favorite health tools that I use every day! Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV), a.k.a. My LIQUID GOLD. It has been a game changer in my life! Over the years, I have been seeking out a way to accomplish simple health tasks with a natural product…and this stuff does, EVERYTHING! Okay, not everything, but so so much, and it’s AMAZING!

My Thyroid Journey

I’m super excited to share with you, my journey in how I balanced my thyroid and reversed my Hashimoto’s disease! It has been a long, almost 15 years of frustration, despair, and empowerment. I see it now as a beautiful journey, because it has shaped a section of me and has enhanced the way I see myself, others, and how happy and free I feel! I’m sharing you my journey specifics to enlighten, inspire, and empower you, so you can bring healthy back!