Crystal Gem Bracelets are Available!

Crystal Gem Bracelets are available for purchase! 📿💎🌎✨ About  Crystals are substances of earth and have energetic properties and frequencies that support our health physically, mentally, emotionally, etc. Because they are “earth” it is a great way to ground/earth (skin contact w/ earth) to absorb electrons to reduce inflammation and stress on the body-mind level. Our crystalContinue reading “Crystal Gem Bracelets are Available!”

My Everyday Natural Products!

Products we use for our skin, cleaning, etc. has thousands of chemicals that are endocrine disruptors, influences the function of our bodies detox system and brain, digestive system and more! Switching over to natural products can do a world of difference for your mental, emotional and physical health! I have definitely seen and felt aContinue reading “My Everyday Natural Products!”