Crystal Gem Bracelets are Available!

Crystal Gem Bracelets are available for purchase! 📿💎🌎✨

Crystals are substances of earth and have energetic properties and frequencies that support our health physically, mentally, emotionally, etc. Because they are “earth” it is a great way to ground/earth (skin contact w/ earth) to absorb electrons to reduce inflammation and stress on the body-mind level.
Our crystal gem bracelets are a great, easy way to incorporate this magic into your daily life. On the bracelet product description, healing properties are listed as well as which chakra category they fall under. There are 2 listings for the bracelets on our Etsy shop, based on small beads (4mm) or large beads (6mm & 8mm).

Shop HERE!

And together, let’s bring your healthy back! 🦋💫

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