Yummy Coleslaw Recipe

I’m a big fan of coleslaw, but I’m not a fan of all the yucky, toxic oils in most mayonnaises! When I discovered Primal Kitchen mayo I was freaking stoked. The ingredients are: avocado oil, organic eggs and yolks, organic vinegar, sea salt, organic rosemary extract. BOOM! This recipe is targeted for less toxic loadContinue reading “Yummy Coleslaw Recipe”

Why Using Non-Toxic Deodorant Matters

Did you know there are ONLY 11 chemicals that have been banned or restricted in cosmetics by the FDA since 1938 when the Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act was signed? That’s almost 85 years ago. That is TERRIFYING. There are over 12,500 chemicals in various cosmetic products in the US, including deodorants. They’re approved byContinue reading “Why Using Non-Toxic Deodorant Matters”

Honey Puffed Pancakes Recipe

I’m on a blood sugar support journey presently. It’s been almost 3 weeks since I’ve made small changes to my diet to help my energy levels, brain function through supporting and stabilizing my blood sugar. (And it’s helping!) #FOODISMEDICINE I’ve been playing around with recipes and have been focusing on adding more protein to eachContinue reading “Honey Puffed Pancakes Recipe”

My Skin Transformation

The last decade has felt like a “trial and error” skin journey! My skin has been SUCH a long, frustrating, emotionally draining battle. I had minimal breakouts as a teenager, but when I was 22 my skin went CRAZY with persistent and aggressive cystic acne breakouts on and off till the beginning of my 32ndContinue reading “My Skin Transformation”

My Top 5 Allergy Support Products!

Allergies symptoms are no fun, and there are powerful ways to support your body to help eliminate these symptoms. Note – your digestive health has a profound affect on the entire health of the body, especially your immune response to pollen! 4 things I suggest to support your body and digestive system: Include live foods:Continue reading “My Top 5 Allergy Support Products!”

My Top 5 Immune Support Products!

As we know, contagious sickness is prevalent right now, but I know too there are tools to support our bodies to prevent and to heal quickly. Tools like water hydration, getting great/enough sleep, exercising, meditation, eating live foods and reducing the intake of processed foods, and taking supplements, all contribute to a healthy, strong immuneContinue reading “My Top 5 Immune Support Products!”

Crystal Gem Bracelets are Available!

Crystal Gem Bracelets are available for purchase! 📿💎🌎✨ About  Crystals are substances of earth and have energetic properties and frequencies that support our health physically, mentally, emotionally, etc. Because they are “earth” it is a great way to ground/earth (skin contact w/ earth) to absorb electrons to reduce inflammation and stress on the body-mind level. Our crystalContinue reading “Crystal Gem Bracelets are Available!”