Why Using Non-Toxic Deodorant Matters

Did you know there are ONLY 11 chemicals that have been banned or restricted in cosmetics by the FDA since 1938 when the Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act was signed? That’s almost 85 years ago. That is TERRIFYING.

There are over 12,500 chemicals in various cosmetic products in the US, including deodorants. They’re approved by the FDA. Most of them are not healthy and harmful to the human body. Many of these chemicals are in our everyday, personal cosmetics and have been linked to cancer, reproductive and 🧠 neurological harm.

In 2016 I switched to non-toxic chemical products after I was diagnosed w/ Hashimoto’s disease (autoimmune disease of the thyroid) to help support my body in healing from this disease and further any progression. I did the research & found that the hundreds to thousands of chemicals we are exposed to daily has an immense impact on our health in SO many ways.

During my cosmetic products transition, I found there wasn’t much of a selection of natural deodorants, and ones that worked well. So that’s when @bhbdeodorant was originally birthed! The creation of this product was very inspired & directed.

I can confidently claim that the ingredients in @bhbdeodorant are non-toxic & supporting to your skin & entire body. Still allowing you to sweat, because it is healthy! (I specifically included an ingredient that absorbs extra moisture. 😉) Plus, it takes care of the stink!

There are 6 main ingredients (w/ added prebiotics, herbs & digestive enzymes in the probiotic.)

  • Pesticide free Jojoba Oil
  • Aluminum free Baking Soda
  • Arrowroot
  • Organic Raw Shea Butter
  • Organic Beeswax
  • 12 strain Probiotics: *10 billion CFU/gm blend
  • other: inulin, apple pectin, Eleuthera root, cordyceps, rhodiola root, Reishi, ashwaghanda root, gynostemma, & amaylase, protease, lipase, cellulase.

What we put on our skin truly matters!! Our skin absorbs all the things & it goes into our blood, organs etc.

I highly suggest trying @bhbdeodorant today! I want you to use the best! Many love it, & have said over and over, “this is the best natural deodorant ever!”

Shop this link! And together let’s bring your healthy back! 🥳


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