My Top 5 Allergy Support Products!

Allergies symptoms are no fun, and there are powerful ways to support your body to help eliminate these symptoms. Note – your digestive health has a profound affect on the entire health of the body, especially your immune response to pollen! 4 things I suggest to support your body and digestive system:

  1. Include live foods: focus on incorporating live foods (fruits, veggies, nuts, legumes, etc.) and cutting out processed foods, sugars, wheat and dairy. What we eat either heals (and prevents) or fuels disease.
  2. Powerful gut-healing nutrients: probiotics, which provide good bacteria to improve digestion and reduce inflammation. Others: zinc, turmeric (curcumin), and fish oil. And I always recommend a high-quality multi-vitamin. Quercetin which has anti-inflammatory and anti-histamine properties that specifically help with pollen allergies and nettles which is also a great herb to relief allergy symptoms.
  3. Manage stress. All types of stress breaks (mental, emotional, physical, etc.) down and damages our digestion system health. Practice relaxation techniques such as breathing exercises, yoga, meditation and earthing.
  4. Get adequate sleep. Quality and quantity of sleep affects gut health and our overall health. Research shows inadequate sleeps shortens your lifespan and increases inflammation, which can lead to chronic disease.
  5. Manual Lymphatic Drainage Session The lymphatic system filters and removes the body of toxins, metabolic wastes and cellular debris. This system has a profound affect on our digestion, immune health and brain function. Also, it has helped several of my clients in relieving their allergy symptoms and sinus pressure! Book here

Next! I have included my top 5 allergy support supplements for you! These supplement products are high-quality, free from unnecessary additives and many common allergens including: gluten, dairy soy, egg, tree nuts and peanuts, artificial flavors, colors and sweeteners, coatings and shellacs, toxic binders and preservatives, trans fats and hydrogenated oils.

*Note: products below are affiliate links from companies I trust and believe in. I have seen and felt real health results from supplements from these brands shared: Pure Encapsulations and Organic Olivia.

O.N.E. Multivitamin is a complete multivitamin with added support for healthy brain, heart, and nerve function and is the foundational supplement to optimal health and wellness‡

• Formulated with more than 25 vitamins, minerals and essential nutrients
• Provides vitamins A,B,C,D and E in highly bioavailable forms for optimal absorption
• Includes additional vitamins & minerals such as CoQ10 to support healthy brain function, cellular health, heart function and eye health‡
• Convenient all-in-one capsule-per-day dosing

Not Your Average Probiotic is a unique combination of probiotics, prebiotic fiber and fermented enzymes, all in one daily capsule. With 20 billion CFUs of science-backed strains, fiber to support microbiome diversity, and fermented enzymes to assist digestion and occasional bloating, this blend covers every angle for a difference you can truly feel. Microencapsulation technology supports survival amidst the acidic environment of the stomach and helps deliver organisms directly to the digestive tract.*

Spring Defense Tonic is a natural herbal formula designed to keep you bright eyed and breathing easy so that you can enjoy your Spring days with ease. This blend works hard to keep your nasal passageways feeling open and clear by supporting a normal, healthy response to pollen and environmental irritants. Allergy Defense Tonic supports us at the root by maintaining normal histamine metabolism as the grass gets greener and flowers start to bloom — so you can continue feeling your best during pollen season and beyond.*

Ingredients: nettle leaf, eyebright aerial parts, fresh turmeric root, fresh yerba santa leaf, fresh lobelia flowering aerial parts, Ambrosia ssp.

Liver Juice is a blend of herbs that support the elimination of waste products through the body’s detoxification pathways. Supporting your liver pathways can help with the appearance of healthy skin as well as hormone balance and energy levels. Optimizing phase I & II detoxification pathways is essential to our overall well-being, so supporting the body in its natural processes can make a difference in the way that we feel each and every day.*

By detoxing and supporting your liver, it better supports your gut health and immune system to help your body to easily and powerfully respond to pollen and allergens.

Ingredients: Oregon grape root, milk thistle seed, burdock root, dandelion root, fresh turmeric root, bupleurum root, beet root, red root

Aller-Essentials maintains healthy immune response and nasal function, especially in response to environmental factors‡

• Supports healthy immune function in body’s response to environmental factors‡
• Helps with nasal function and comfort‡
• Consists of multiple nutrients and herbal extracts to promote a healthy immune response‡
• Provides support for immune cells‡

Ingredients: Vitamin C, Indian tinospora, Epicor dried yeast fermentate complex, Quercetin, Hesperidin methyl chalcone, Apple

I hope you enjoyed my tips and top 5 picks for allergy relief! As always, I’m so grateful for your support and love having this opportunity to serve and care for you. 🙂


‡ These statements have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration. These product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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