My Menstrual Cup Story

For you ladies this post is for you, and for you guys who have special ladies in your life, that you really care about, you’ll want them to read!

Today, I am talking about something that has changed and made my life SO incredibly easier and better!!!

MENSTRUAL CUPS and my story with them. Woot! Ha!

Before we begin, if you don’t know what menstrual cups are check out HERE


Beginning use of the menstrual cup

In 2012, I was introduced to the Diva Cup, one of the first menstrual cups on the market. My mom discovered it, and bought all my sister-in-laws and I one. The thing and concept absolutely intimidated me and freaked me out. I have never stuck anything up there, except a tampon, and this thing was NO tampon, haha. I can’t believe I’m sharing this, BUT I promise, this is worth your time!

Anyways, I tried it and I had an awful experience. It was bulky, stiff, awkward plastic, I couldn’t get it in right, and I’ll say it, caused pain down in there. So yeah, hell no to that! My mom encouraged me several times for a year to give it a few more tries. I did maybe two more tries and yeah, notta.

So my period life continued with tampons, because it was easy and convenient and didn’t cause me anxiety from all the things.

Transitioning to the menstrual cup

Fast forward two years, another menstrual cup that’s now popular was released, the Lunette Cup. Deja vu to my first experience, mom’s bought all the ladies in the family cups and having us try them out. I was mortified still and super hesitant and resisted trying it out. After a few months or so I did give in. My experience wasn’t as traumatic as with the Diva. I surprisingly was able to get it in down there correctly a few times, and then a few times not. Little success had eased my anxiety and I was more open to keep on trying.

Over the course of 6 months, I had completely transitioned to using the Lunette cup. How I got to that point, you may ask? Initially, I had started using the cup for a few hours the first day of a period, then using tampons the rest of that period. And with time I got to the point of using the Lunette cup for a full day, then the next period 1.5 days, then the next period 2 days etc. So basically, I gradually worked into it, which really worked for me.

After that 6 months+, and getting really comfortable using the Lunette cup, I was shocked how much I really liked it, and actually preferred it to tampons. It was a lady game changer for me, and I have been an advocate for menstrual cup usage ever since. You can ask all my close lady friends, I’m pretty passionate about menstrual cups and here’s why:

    • It’s so easy to insert, once you get the hang of it, which probably doesn’t take most women 6 month like my pathetic self!
    • 1-2 cups is all you need for your whole menstruating lifetime (will go into this further)
    • It’ll only costs roughly $20-$50 for your bleeding lifetime. You can save $$$ and do something way more awesome with that money! Think of all the cute clothes, fun vacations you could take, or money you could save!
    • I can’t feel it in me, I mean really I can’t! Tampons I’d feel when I worked out, and moved/laid in certain positions, and it rub me very uncomfortably. But, to this day I have never felt the cup inside of me!
    • You can leave the cup in up to 12 hours – Once I got the menstrual cup thing down, I rarely leak. I insert it up 1-2 times per day, depending on my menstrual flow. When I wore tampons, 50% of the time I’d forget to change it, and would leak…and that’s never fun. Generally most menstrual cups can hold up to three times the amount a tampon can.
    • Environmental impact – Since you only need 1-2 in your lifetime, it drastically reduces chemical production and solid waste. Did you know it can take up to 25 years for feminine products to decompose? And that 20 billion pads and tampons are discarded in North America yearly? That’s insane. Think of all the women existing, that’s A LOT of periods, and tampons!
    • Emergencies – I have one in my car at all times, just in case I start unexpectedly or if there’s a natural disaster and I’m stranded, I’m covered!….and it doesn’t require an army of tampons, just one tiny cup!
    • Traveling – it’s so easy to travel with, and takes up 1% of the room to tampons I would use to bring on past vacations, etc.
    • Health – most feminine products (not the cup) have chemicals (+carcinogens) and toxins that interfere with our hormonal, endocrine, immune systems, and disrupt cell and tissue growth. This factor was the biggest thing that pushed me to get on board with the cup.
  • Zero toxicity – Toxic Shock Syndrome doesn’t exist with menstrual cups, and it’s made with soft medical-grade silicone that is toxic and allergenic free!

OKAY! So now that you’re inspired and interest and curiosity has FLARED (input finger guns emoji), let’s continue with my story, because there is more and it is EGGCITING! (haha I’m having way too much fun with this)

Present day with menstrual cup

I no longer use the Lunette cup. Don’t freak out! I have recently switched to an even better menstrual cup that works well for me. Are you ready for this?!

THE BLOODY BUDDY menstrual cup!!! How fun is that name? It’s a bit out there, but I really like it, and guess what it’s my absolute best buddy for that bloody time of the month! Haha! Air fist pump!

SO, thus far I’ve shared with you my opinion/experience between tampons and the two cups. Now, let’s talk about the Lunette (L) vs. the Bloody Buddy (BB), because there is an absolute difference, even though they appear to look quite similar and I am loving the BB!

Screen Shot 2017-12-03 at 9.16.11 AM

*This is my very own, one time, first experience/comparison using the Bloody Buddy*

    • The pull out removal tab- It’s WAY easier on the BB. The L sometimes got lost inside of me, then after an 30 secs to a minute, I’d get it. Not, with the BB! The pull out tab technology is on point. 
  • Holds a bit more – The BB holds a more blood , and is especially appreciated and needed on the those heavy flowin’ days. I find I don’t need to do the 2nd change during the day, like I do with the L.

What options do I have with the Bloody Buddy?


There are 2 sizes and two colors! 


  • Small: if you have never given birth vaginally
  • Large: if you have given birth vaginally, and if you have a wider vaginally


  • Red
  • Black

More info on the Bloody Buddy:



Instructional videos:

Before your first use:

How to use your Bloody Buddy cup:


  • use my code “bringhealthyback” for 10% off!

Not every lady has the same situation down there, so not one menstrual cup is gonna be the best! But, between using the Diva, Lunette, and Bloody Buddy (because these three look really similar) for sure the Bloody Buddy is the most comfortable and best for me.

My sister-in-law and I were talking about menstrual cups the other day, and she mentioned how the Lunette cup was too long for the position of her cervix. She has found a menstrual cup, the MeLuna that fits her best, and she’s so happy with it! Because all of us are different there are many more menstrual cup options and comparisons that you can check out this here:

I hope my story, experience and information regarding menstrual cups has inspired you! It’s seriously a period game changer and my time of month is so much easier and way more fun! I love that it’s really comfortable; I only change it 1 to 2 times a day; I save $$$; help lower environment impact; and decreasing the amount of chemicals and toxins that disrupt my body’s systems and cells!

Together, lets bring your healthy back!

If you have any questions about menstrual cups or anything I’ve discussed here, please ask!

Happy menstruating!



This post is sponsored by Bloody Buddy Cup, but what I have shared is my true and honest experience/opinion.

This page provides information from my personal experience and education only. It is not to be considered medical advice. I’ve tried my best to keep the information contained in this post as accurate and updated as possible, but I make no guarantee of the accurateness of the same.