Nutrition for Happy, Glowing Skin!

Here are key supplements I recommend for acne and skin health as part of my instagram series, ‘Skin Talk’, part 2. All information, with my personal use+experience, and links to all supplements are below! Not only what we put on our skin affects us, but also what we put inside of us. Nutrition is key! Nutrition is medicine!

Product recommendations is Pure Encapsulations, Organic Olivia and Ancient Nutrition.


Turmeric is mainly an anti-inflammatory and strong antioxidant. There are so many health benefits of this (learn more HERE), but I have really noticed a HUGE difference not only in my acne, but my skin texture has improved immensely! It’s smoother, less puffy and just glows so much more! I can’t hype this supplement enough!

Shop → Turmeric

Bone Broth is known to improve and support joints, the gut, and boost the immune system. According to Dr. Axe there are 6 known health benefits and 2 known directly to support the skin, except really all 6 do in my study and experience! If you’d like to learn more on all the benefits go HERE!

First, Bone Broth sounds incredibly different and gross. My initial exposure was hilarious. BUT, I stuck with it, and so glad I did! I felt within the first week my stomach pains ease as it supports the gut lining and detoxifies the colon, but I take it also for my skin and joints!…due to receiving many compliments on my skin, after only consuming it for a few months. This product is a must in general for everything and everyone! I use it as a soup base, tea, or throw it in my morning smoothie, and I love it!

I also love the turmeric flavor as a soup base! →  HERE

Several of my friends love the peanut butter flavor → HERE

Vanilla and Chocolate are my go to that I use often in my smoothies!

Vitamin A is an essential vitamin for the body. It supports the skin by speeding up healing time, promotes the immune systems and promotes natural moisturizing.

I intake vitamin a daily primarily to support my eyes, but it has has been a great add to support my skin tissue!

SHOP → Vitamin A

Zinc controls the production of sebum oil in the skin and can help regulate some of the hormones associated with acne. Zinc is also known to speed up the rate of skin healing after an injury and is highly beneficial to all parts of the immune system.

I haven’t used zinc very long personally, but I have heard many success stories in helping reduce acne, especially in teens.

SHOP → Zinc

Multi Essential: Multi vitamins and minerals are essential for the body to work! Just as our body needs it, our skin needs essential nutrients to glow like a diamond!

SHOP → Multi vitamin+mineral

Digestive Enzymes: The health of the digestive system is important for overall body function. If our system is comprised to any degree, it can’t digest and assimilate nutrition from our foods and supplements. The skin needs several nutrients (vitamins, minerals, amino acids, omegas, etc.) for optimal healthy function and glow.

SHOP → Digestive Enzymes

Probiotics: Just like the importance of digestive enzymes for the digestive system, probiotics are crucial. They are the good bacteria that elevates the environment of the system to properly function. If the balance of bacteria is off, digestive and assimilation will not occur as designed.

When I don’t take probiotics, I have more gas and tummy issues. I can not live without these!

SHOP  → Probiotics

Thanks for checking out this post out! I hope it was informative. Please comment if you have questions! Together, lets bring healthy back!



This page provides information from my personal experience and education only. It is not to be considered medical advice. I’ve tried my best to keep the information contained in this post as accurate and updated as possible, but I make no guarantee of the accurateness of the same.

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