Magic Tip for Your Cracked Feet!

I’ve had a bad case of cracked, bleeding heels for a few years. I have found a trick that has been working for me for the last 6 months! If you experience the same, these 2 easy steps will change your life! 👣👏🏻🌟

⁃ Do this 1x weekly –

  1. Twinkle shaver – use it in the shower or bath when your skin is moist and soft. Shave off excess callus and dead skin.

*I have found that using the Twinkle at an angle somewhat parallel to your foot is the most efficient…avoiding cuts and getting mass amount of dead skin off at a timeDo this 3 times weekly

⁃ Do this 3xs weekly –

  1. Post shower hydrate with @tubbytodd ‘All Over Ointment’. I swear by this stuff, so freaking hydrating and non-toxic! Get 10% off your order with my link HERE!

Walla! Enjoy those happy, healthy feet!👣🥳

*this is not sponsored. I love sharing with you to empower you!

Together, let’s bring healthy back!👯‍♀️

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