What’s Your Water Style?

The Importance of Water

This year, I have been studying one section of the energy therapy, BodyTalk, about how vital hydration is and the many roles water contributes to our ultimate health and well-being. According to John Veltheim, the BodyTalk system founder, he has provided 11 examples of how water plays an important role in the body, and they are:

  1. Nerve transmission
  2. Muscle contraction
  3. Free radicals
  4. Lung function
  5. Cell division
  6. Energy conductor
  7. Synthesis of emotions
  8. Hyperactivity
  9. Malnourishment
  10. Lymphatic and immune support
  11. Rejuvenation of skin

Is it important to you to have an increase in health? If so, I suggest staying hydrated, because it gives life! In some cases, we may drink plenty of water, but we may still be dehydrated due to an energy block(s) in our body cells (in organs, endocrines, tissues, the brain, etc.) in receiving water and/or utilizing water. That’s one thing I love about BodyTalk, as it can balance and restore that energy pathway! I’ve experienced this personally and also several of my clients have felt and seen a positive difference in their energy and skin. This no way suggests that it doesn’t matter how much water we drink, but that if we consciously do as much on our part in assisting our body, then we can experience more results and heal!

Finding your Water Style(s)

Consuming water can be difficult to do. I have and still sometimes do struggle with staying hydrated, but in the last year I have discovered my water styles and how I enjoy consuming it best, and I’m drinking regularly! My body is much happier, as I feel less symptoms of dehydration, and I know yours will too! Below, is my personal way of getting hydrated. I like to call this, my water styles –

  • Squeezing fresh lemon or lime (or both) giving your water a little extra zing and sass! It’s fresh, and incredibly delicious! Citrus fruits are great for cleansing and balancing the body’s PH levels – which makes it more alkaline. Click HERE to learn more about the benefits of alkaline in the body.
  • Infusing fruits and veggies by slicing it up and sitting in water overnight refrigerated. I enjoy using berries, citrus, and cucumber!
  • Tea! I LOVE tea. In the summer, my favorite is to steep a big pot of Hibiscus Tea, and then chill it in a glass tea pot. This summer I made lots and I got most of my family hooked, even the nieces and nephews! Depending on the type of tea, most types have incredible health benefits. My favorite tea types are green, and herbal. And, there are so many different kinds with variety of flavors!
  • Essential oils. I like using citrus flavors (lemon, grapefruit, orange, etc.) and peppermint. I put 1-3 drops in my water depending on the oil potency. I use peppermint for freshening up my mouth, and to settle any digestive discomfort.
  • Glass. I am a nazi when it comes to the container I drink out of! As I have reduced my toxin load in the last year, I have had an increased sensitivity tasting chemicals, and I don’t taste that from glass, because it is  BPA and free of plastic toxins.
  • Insulated bottles. Besides glass, I will only drink out of a Hydro Flask (pictured above). It is a popular insulated bottle brand. The first thing I like about this brand is there are several bottle sizes to choose from and its available in cups! Next thing I love is, it keeps water chilled up to 24 hours and hot drinks warm up to 6 hours. It’s been a freaking lifesaver for me this summer, as Utah has had one of its hottest summers in its history. And I love that there’s still ice in it at the end of the day! As for the warm factor, as I said above I love my tea, it keeps it warm for several hours…This bottle just keeps on giving!

I encourage you to find your water style(s) if you haven’t already, as hydration is vital for so many parts of our health and can assist you on your journey of bringing healthy back!

Happy drinking! xx


One thought on “What’s Your Water Style?

  1. Argh, drinking water is my weakness (laura). I drink more than most since I work in an environment that is rough and hot, so to keep up energy I need it (david). So we are opposites on this, but really trying to be better – it is my rest of the year attempt to do better.


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