I’m grateful for…

This beautiful day, I am so incredibly grateful for people, and I’m grateful for you! I want to talk about what I have struggled in the last few years with my faith and trust in humankind and how its changed. There’s so much negative and sadness presented and portrayed out in the media and news of yucky actions of people. And I have had some disappointing and horrible things done to me and broken trust by people that I thought I called “friend.”(Especially when my heart was pure and good intention was intact.)

I have been reminded and shown in the last month how amazing and kind people are. Just a few weeks ago my 3-month-old nephew passed suddenly and unexpectedly. It was and has been very emotionally hard. My family and I have been poured with SO much love, generosity, thoughts, prayers, and service from people and strangers from all stages of our lives. I literally imagine and relate this to us standing underneath a giant waterfall that is constant in flow. SO SO SO much good poured to us and in us. It’s changed my perspective and impacted me incredibly. I have seen the depth of souls and have felt a fire burn in my heart, knowing humankind is first and foremost tendency is to do and be good.

Since, I have been practicing my gratitude for people. Those I know personally, my relationships, and those I don’t know so well. And just the general population. I’m grateful I have people in my life to connect to. They make me better no matter what circumstance results – good or bad. I can learn either way with each interaction and relationship that there is value.

In past, recent years, I have struggled with gratitude in general. My minds perspective was that the universe was against me and out to get me. That’s how I felt and it was awful, because nothing in my life was going for me, but was negatively effecting me…my health, my career, dating, dreams, etc.

In my journey in finding Courtney and getting healthy mentally, emotionally and physically, I started a gratitude journal. It was torture in the beginning making myself write a thing or two everyday I was grateful with the “why”. Even though it was sometimes really hard, it was one of the tools I needed to mold me into my joyful, smiley, bubbly self. It shifted my perception of the “world is out to get me” and “I’m not enough”, to “wow, I don’t deserve any of this, but how incredible and a privilege it is that I get/see/feel/experience ……..”.

I believe gratitude is VERY effective, because it is a universal tool, and can transform anybody who submits to it. I’ve seen its magic play out on so many people, including myself. I normally wouldn’t ever think or say something like that, because we’re all different. But, it’s just a fact. Gratitude makes us better, improves our physical and mental health and strength, our self-esteem and confidence, our relationships and our outcomes. When we reach and resonate with a higher energy, then for sure the outcome and result(s) is gonna be higher.

I am grateful for you, and for taking the time to read my thoughts and feelings about this. Here’s something I want to give to YOU! I encourage and challenge you this week to be conscious of what you are grateful for every single day. One way I love focusing on gratitude is through a practice. I have included Alison’s and Eric’s gratitude practice from the “Awesome with Alison” podcast, episode 24, which I ABSOLUTELY LOVE. (And, I recommend all their episodes in general.) Try it out, it will make your life better! LINK HERE

If that doesn’t do it for you, experiment with these other options to cultivate that gratitude lovin’ in your life:

Write a thank-you note. To make and nurture a relationship happier.

Thank someone mentally. Is writing not your thing? Then think someone who you are grateful for who has been there for you and is just so incredible, and thank them.

Keep a gratitude journal. Write down your thoughts about the blessing of that day with a why explanation.

Pray. Saying a prayer of gratitude to your higher power (if it applies).

Meditate. Mindful meditation involves focusing on the present moment without negativity. Although people often focus on a word or phrase (such as “peace”), it is also possible to focus on what you’re grateful for (the warmth of the sun, a pleasant sound, etc.).

I love you, and thanks for being here! I hope you reap the benefits of being and doing grateful.

Happy gratituding! (haha)



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