My Supplements Consultation



I assist clients with their supplement questions and help them save time, money and frustration in finding the right supplements for them! They gather all their supplements together and I find if their a priority for them over FaceTime or Skype! If not, I will find the right supplement form(s) and brand(s) for them. Questions addressed in the consult:

  • Is this the best magnesium (example) in this form and brand?
  • How much is needed daily to meet the body’s needs?
  • When is the best time to take the supplement(s)?
  • What form of ….. is needed for the body to optimally function and operate?
  • Etc.

Are you tired of guessing if your supplements are the best ones for you? And wanting to know if you are assimilating/absorbing them?…and at a high frequency?

I’ll help you win your supplement game and save you all the guessing and lots of money on supplements you would have bought that doesn’t work best for you, and help you find ones that will!

Supplements include (but not limited to): vitamins, minerals, herbs, amino acids, omegas, protein, collagen, enzymes, probiotics, etc.

Supplement forms: capsules, liquids, powder, gelcaps, softcaps, tablets, etc.


$25 for 20 minute consult via in person, FaceTime or phone call.