Skin Talk part 8: SKINCARE

Can I get a 💙 if you have adult acne?! Cause I sure do! AND…after 6 years of awful, deep, painful cystic acne that covered my entire face I discovered natural solutions that have contributed to my skins health and healing. No, my skin isn’t perfect, but has it come a long way! There are several things that contribute to the health and glow of skin and not just one thing, unfortunately. BUT, there are easy solutions and I have been sharing that will REALLY help your face heal, glow and look like a 💎! Check out all my Skin Talk’s (#1-7) on my instagram highlight HERE.

NOW to part 8 of Skin Talk, it is all about SKINCARE! First off, I am no skin professional, this is based on my personal (and some of my client’s) experience, and research. My intention is too educate, and provide product recommendations that I personally use; that are safe, natural, non-toxic for optimizing skin health and that actually help reduce obnoxious, stubborn adult acne!

Like I have discussed in previous Skin Talk’s – what we put into our body’s (hydration part 1, nutrition & supplements part 2) is very important for improving our skin health and just as important, is, WHAT WE PUT ON OUR FACE!

I will be very transparent, I have tried everything (Proactiv, several others acne products on the market and I even tried urine therapy – yes you heard me right lol) to clear my obnoxious, painful, embarrassing adult acne! And I have found natural, non-toxic products that have been a huge contributor in my skin health! So let’s jump right in!

First, when buying skincare products check for ingredients listed in “the never list” found below. These chemicals below are HARMFUL and are endocrine disrupting chemicals (EDCs) that cause hormonal imbalance, which is to likely come out on our face. And if toxins are being put on the face (our #1 body protector), why would we expect a good complexion? EDCs can mutate our DNA, which is slowly genetically modifying us! Yea, YOU HEARD ME RIGHT! Also, to add to the list – when a product contains the ingredient FRAGRANCE, this means there are several to hundreds of hidden chemicals in that one product. It is not required that each chemical is listed in US. SO HELL NO.

*Please note I only recommend products I personally use, that are natural and non-toxic to the body, and that have been effective in significantly minimizing breakouts and improving my over complexion (texture, scars, coloration, pores)

MY SKINCARE PRODUCTS (italicized = link to product)

Cleanser: Charcoal Cleansing Bar is the best thing of my life! Seriously! Doesn’t strip my natural skin oils, and it pulls out toxins!

Toner: Witch Hazel (great for healing wounds and natural PH balancer) & sometimes Apple Cider Vinegar (eats away dead skin cells. Make sure you dilute with water, 1:3 ratio)

Serum: TaLei PRO-HYDRATE (hyaluronic acid: can help heal wounds, improves skin hydration and help with reducing wrinkle lines)

Mask: No. 3 Balancing Facial Mask and Sava Daily Detox Masque. Key is to mix both together and rub into the skin. It make a black charcoal – bentonite clay magic mask for the face! They’re very effective at pulling toxins out.

Exfoliate: MIZON – Vita Lemon Sparkling Peeling Gel. It is a South Korean product – and they have high standards on ingredients in their products. This has helped sluff off extra dead skin cells! It’s important to remove DKC, because this is one big contributing factor to clogged pores.

Moisturizer: Countermatch Adaptive Moisture Lotion (AM) and Sava Daily Detox Moisturizer (PM). I add a few drops of jojoba and rosehip oil mixed to my moisturizers. THIS IS KEY (explained below).

Oil: Jojoba oil and Rosehip oil  is KEY, because, when our skin is lacking oil (stripped from our face products, hormones, nutrition, water hydration), our skin produces extra sebum (our natural skin oil) to keep the skin hydrated and protected. Too much clogs the pores! So you got to oil yo face!!! (It seems counterproductive, but trust me, it is vital to balance the skin’s sebum protection).

Acne Treatment: I apply hydrogen peroxide to a zit after it’s been opened and extracted and then zit patches left on overnight.

Sunscreen: My homemade sunblock recipe! It’s nourishing and acne friendly!

Lip: Lip Conditioner is the best hydrating mask I have found for my lips! I have used it for 3 weeks, and my lips are hardly chapped (that says a lot esp. that it’s the heart of winter).

Gua Sha Stone:  I do this a few times a week in the AM. Gua sha stones help deviate toxins by activating the lymph in the faces tissues. Also, it helps activate your skin glands to produce more collagen which gives that youthful vibe!

Micro Needling: I micro needle to help with acne scarring, fine lines, and to increase natural collagen+elastin production to improve my skin’s texture. I’ve only micro needle a handful of times, and I haven’t seen long term affects yet, but after I micro needle my skin’s texture appears much smoother.

My Skin Regimen

Remember less toxins in our skincare products = better general health and improved skin complexion!!

Ask me yo questions! And together let’s bring healthy back!!

x Courtney